Purina One Lamb & Rice Dogfood, as reviewed by a dog

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The Best Part of Waking Up is Kibble In My Cup!

5 StarTaste: Delicious!

5 StarSmell: Wonderful!

5 StarTexture: Nice variety between kibbles

5 StarSound: Most exciting sound of the morning is that crinkle of the bag opening! Most satisfying sound of the day is how it crunches between my teeth.

Delicious crunchy kibble mixes with chewy meaty pieces. Need I say more about this deliciousness?

When I was ready for big dog food, Human Mommy made the switch from Purina Puppy Chow to Purina One Lamb and Rice. She claims that its nutritional information is similar to what the vets suggested, but at about half the price.

Human Mommy claims that between Purina One and not getting to drink straight tap water any more, my eyes are brighter and I seem a little healthier in general. I don’t know about all that. But food … Seriously … Food! Need I say more?


  • Food
  • Deliciousness
  • Food!


  • Bigger, meatier pieces do not work as well in treat-dispensing-toys.
  • Not allowed to eat whole bag in one sitting.

Kitty Max Says: Gross! Dog food is for the dogs.

Neighbor Cat Says: @KittyMax Don’t knock it till you try it!

Auto-ships from Amazon to NEVER RUN OUT!!

I can’t believe the improvement!

Leah has had quite a few health issues over the years. Even as a puppy, she was prone to frequent ear infections, skin breakouts, and cloudy eyes.

My previous dogs did fine on cheaper store brand dog food or dog chow. But when it was time to switch Leah to adult dog food, I knew she needed an extra boost. I talked to the vet about what to look for in good quality dog food. I could not afford what they recommended, but comparing the nutritional information Purina One Lamb and Rice was pretty close!

She still has problems with her eyes, ears, and skin allergies. But all have improved significantly.


  • Good Quality
  • Reasonable Price
  • Available at many stores and online


Not always in stock at my local grocery store. Which is why I signed up for
Purina One Auto-Shipments from Amazon

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