Hello Fresh One Pan Pork Fajita Lettuce Wraps with Blue Corn Tortilla Chips & Lime Crema

One Pan Pork Fajita Lettuce Wraps Quick Review

5-Stars for the One Pan Pork Fajita Lettuce Wraps from HelloFresh!

Fairly simple and FULL OF FLAVOR! This is one of my new favorites!

I do occasionally enjoy a nice lettuce wrap. But this was my first time filling a leaf with something that has so much potential to become messy. 

These lettuce-wrapped fajitas were surprisingly not as messy as expected. But I definitely suggest these be enjoyed over a plate, with a paper towel or napkins close by. 

Thoughts while cooking Lettuce Wrap Fajitas

HelloFresh allows members to view recipes online, which means you can buy ingredients to prepare a meal without spending $60+ on a weekly kit. The catch is that sometimes an ingredient may be hard to identify, and HelloFresh often sends higher quality ingredients than what you would get picking up a random generic package from the store.

The “One Pan Pork Fajita Lettuce Wraps’ included one long green pepper. A vague description that left me unsure if this should be prepared with something hot like a poblano or chili pepper or something mild like a bell pepper.

So what is a “Long Green Pepper”? The included pepper was different from any kind I had before. It had sections like a bell pepper, but it was long and brightly colored like a banana pepper. It also tasted closer to a sweet banana pepper than a bell. If I decide to recreate this meal without a Hello Fresh kit, I will either grab a banana pepper from my garden or an Anaheim Chili if I am in the mood for some extra spice.

It smelled so good!

The mixture of pepper, onion, and ground pork cooking smelled amazing. And it didn’t seem to hurt anything that I was out of white sugar, so I had to substitute dark brown. 

I got to pull out a fancy kitchen gadget!

The brightly flavorful Lime Crema gave me an opportunity to use that Lime Zester I got for our first HelloFresh meal! In general, recipes only seem to require basic kitchen equipment. (pots, pans, spatulas, bowls, etc…) But a lemon zester was something I did not have.

Was it easy?

Overall I am going to say this recipe was pretty easy to put together and clean up. The hardest parts were chopping the onion and remembering where I put our chicken stock concentrate. (The meal kit came with beef stock concentrate, but I am allergic so I had to make a substitution from my own pantry.)

What will I do differently the next time I make Hello Fresh Pork Fajita Lettuce Wraps?

This was truly delicious! The only changes that I plan to make next time are

#1. Serve with two lime wedges

#2. Cook a little longer to thicken the sauce more. I intentionally left the meat a little runny because I wanted to make sure it didn’t evaporate too much before my daughter was ready to fix her plate.

Family Thoughts – Not everybody loved this dish

My daughter said the lime was too strong in the Crema, and she isn’t a fan of blue corn chips. If she is home the next time I make this dish, I will make sure that we have plain sour cream and potato chips available for her plate.

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