Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Oats Overnight

Mint Chocolate Chip Oats Overnight in a 16 ounce glass jar with a teal lid and spoon.

 Another 5-Star Flavor from Oats Over Night!

I knew this flavor would have to be delicious! How could you go wrong with mint chocolate chip?

That classic Mint Chocolate flavor is definitely there. And it pairs surprisingly well with oatmeal. 

After how sweet the Cookies & Cream Oats Overnight were, I mentally prepared myself for these Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie flavored oats. 

To my surprise, this flavor was just right for breakfast. Refreshingly sweet, and the flax seeds and mini chocolate chips added a nice little crunch.

(Pictured 16 oz Overnight Oats jars available on Amazon)

Mint Chocolate Chip Oats Overnight are Not too sweet

I expected it to leave me feeling like I had eaten a big bowl of ice cream. But the lighter, slightly nutty flavor and texture made me think more of cookies. Maybe I should start reading the entire name on these packages before I eat them. The word cookie is in the name. But I read “Mint Chocolate,” and that was all I needed to know! lol

Did Oats Overnight do their job with this one?

Some of the other oats overnight flavors have been so flavorful that I thought I was full before finishing them. This one actually left me wanting something more, but I couldn’t figure out what.  I ended up snacking on a piece of lemon cake from a friend an hour later, so I’m not sure if it would have held me over until lunch or if it needs to be served with a piece of fruit or something. What goes good with mint chocolate chip cookies?

I like my Overnight Oats jars 🙂

Oats Overnight subscriptions come with a free blender bottle! I let my daughter have ours and prepared my first few packets in a cup topped with plastic wrap.

It was OK, but I’m glad I switched to these cute 16-ounce Overnight Oats jars! (Excuse the bitemarks in my above photo. Little Rose got hold of the lid while I was at work.)

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