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To help cover the time and money that it takes to run this website, Raining Reviews participates in the following programs:

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Raining Reviews may receive compensation when you click the affiliate links on this website and continue to purchase . There is no extra cost to you, the purchaser.

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Raining Reviews is also a participant in Google AdSense, which pays a small advertising fee in exchange for allowing Google to place ads on this website. As of August 2023, I am not using Google AdSense on this website but may decide to use it in the future.

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I may participate in other affiliate and reward programs when I find out that a product  I am writing about offers such programs.

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Product Reviews and Featured Reviews

Contact Michelle if you are interested in having your product reviewed. Many items can be reviewed for free! Final pricing will depend on if your review was time-consuming, if it required me to supply my own materials, and if you want the final review to be pinned in a featured location.

Honesty, integrity, and safety are of high priority! If we do not have positive things to say, you can opt not to have the review published. I do, however, reserve the right to publish my thoughts on anything that I believe readers should be warned about. (safety issues or damage to my home/yard/car/etc… the manufacturer or person who asked me to write the review will be given an opportunity to address any issues before publishing)

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Contact Michelle if you are interested in sponsoring or placing an ad on this website. Sponsored messages and ads must be family-friendly and non-distracting.