RankMath Content AI (2023 Update!)

I have been using the RankMath SEO plugin for almost three years. It helps WordPress websites, such as this one, tell search engines, like Google, about their web pages. RankMath even makes suggestions to help your pages rank better.

I started with the free version, which was impressive. Then I upgraded to Pro for more features and eventually Business so I could share with clients. Now I am excited to announce RankMath Content AI!

RankMath launched their next subscription … A new AI SEO called Content AI by RankMath!

Launched to the public on September 6, 2023. I was actually one of the beta testers, so I got a little extra time to check it out before the launch. 🙂

Let’s give RankMath Content AI a quick test:


“//write a paragraph about Fancy Feast Kitten food. Include the importance of choosing kitten food over cat food to help kittens grow.”


Fancy Feast Kitten food is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing kittens. It contains essential nutrients and higher protein content to support their rapid development. Choosing kitten food over cat food is crucial as it provides the right balance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for optimal growth and overall health in young felines.

Hey! That was pretty good. RankMath’s Artificial Intelligence did a little research and output a well written, professional paragraph to help me understand the importance of feeding a young kitten the kind of food that was designed for them.

Can Rankmath Content AI have feeling? Let’s See:


“//write a nostalgic paragraph about raising kittens. Include their curious nature.”


Raising kittens is a truly nostalgic experience. Their curious nature adds an extra charm to every moment spent with them. From playfully exploring their surroundings to pouncing on invisible prey, their innate curiosity never fails to bring a smile to your face.

Can RankMath Content AI have personality?


“//write a funny paragraph about a kitten reaching to bat a feather boa. The kitten falls off the dresser into a toy box of dressup clothes.”


A kitten’s misadventures are always good for a laugh. Picture this: a playful kitten stretches its tiny paws to bat a feather boa, only to lose its balance and tumble off the dresser. And where does it land? Right into a toy box filled to the brim with dress-up clothes. Talk about a purrfectly comical wardrobe malfunction!

Can RankMath Content AI be dramatic?


“//write a sad short story about a kitten who missed his dinner.”


Once upon a time, in a cozy little home, a tiny kitten named Whiskers eagerly awaited his dinner. But alas, as the hours ticked by, his bowl remained empty. With each passing moment, Whiskers’ hunger grew, and a sense of loneliness enveloped him. The sound of his stomach rumbling echoed through the silent room, as the little kitten longed for the warmth of a full belly.

Can RankMath Content AI do anything else?

It can do so much more! I just wanted to give a few short paragraphs as an example of what RankMath’s new Content AI can write for you. It can also

Writer’s Block? Try the Blog Post Idea tool!

Are you trying to keep your website active and lively, but not sure what to write about next? RankMath Content AI’s “Blog Post Idea” tool asks for information about your niche, audience, tone, style, and the language you want to publish your article in. Tell it how many outputs you want (The default of 5 is pretty good) and Rankmath will list possible blog topics.

I asked for: Niche, Financial Health; Audience, Students; Tone, Friendly, Conversational; Style, Creative; Language, English. The returned list included ideas like

From Ramen Noodles to Financial Freedom: Budgeting Tips for Cash-Strapped Students

Still stuck? RankMath Content AI can write your whole post and perform SEO improvements!

You can use various the tools to outline your post and help with one paragraph at a time where needed, or you can literally write prompts in the block editor like:

“//write a blog post about From Ramen Noodles to Financial Freedom: Budgeting Tips for Cash-Strapped Students”

“//write a newsletter about college students and ramen noodles”

“//write an article about the need for healthier options than ramen noodles to fuel our college students”

Hate to write SEO tags?

RankMath Content AI can automate that too! Just remember to double-check that the tags make sense. Artificial Intelligence is not perfect. The majority of results I am seeing are decent. But sometimes it really misses the mark.

RankMath Content AI sounds great! Are there any drawbacks?

There are a few things to know before you go too wild using AI to publish 50 posts a day.

You still need a human to fact-check and edit content: The majority of articles I have generated with RankMath Content AI are of decent quality. But they still need a human to proofread, fact-check, and make edits for accuracy and clarity. You may be able to tell that I have kittens on my mind. We took in some abandoned babies last week, and I had Rankmath Content AI generate a whole blog post about how to take care of 4-week-old kittens! Since I chose a topic that I already have some knowledge about, it was easy for me to spot and edit out inaccuracies.

What I liked was that in addition to generating a well-written nice length article, RankMath Content AI came up with some points I would not have thought of writing about on my own!

After correcting inaccuracies and adding a few personal comments, the article is about ready to go. All I have left to do is:

  • Take a break from the screen.
  • Add some adorable pictures! If I don’t find anything I like on my camera, I will pull something from my 123rf Plus subscription.
  • And read over it one last time with fresh eyes. Sometimes, going back and re-reading your article after a day or two helps you spot places for improvement.

I guess that is really the only drawback. Somebody still needs to go behind RankMath Content AI and double-check its work. In my opinion, that is totally fine. Those who don’t take the time to make sure their articles are of good quality are likely to be recognized as low-quality output and not move up the ranks too fast on popular search engines.

Creators who care about publishing quality content will often be able to leverage this powerful tool to help themselves work more efficiently.

Will I be using RankMath Content AI on RainingReviews?

This website is specifically about real human reviews. I may occasionally see if Rankmath can help me outline a post. But it cannot taste, smell, or feel things the way I do as a human. Plus, RainingReviews.com is meant to be a fun project that I work on in my free time! I don’t feel much pressure to stick with deadlines. I will just enjoy writing when I feel like it.

I do, however, plan to get a RankMath Content AI subscription for use on some of my other websites. This AI is totally qualified to help me start or research new articles for my health and entertainment-related sites. I suspect it will cut my publishing time in half as I only have to fact-check, edit, and add my own stories and images to each article.

Try Rankmath Content AI Now!

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