Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets

I have been eager to try laundry detergent sheets for a while. I thought they would be available in local stores by now, but that hasn’t happened. So, I signed up for EarthBreeze.

I do care about the environment. But the bigger selling points for me are:

#1. Laundry detergent sheets do not take up as much space in my laundry room.

#2. Laundry detergent sheets are light-weight, which is exactly what I need when my arthritis is bothering me!

#3. Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets are hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin.

How Is Earth Breeze Cleaning Power?

Because this is the real reason that we buy laundry detergent.

At this point in life, my family isn’t very messy. Our clothes get a little muddy as we play with pets or work in the garden. And sometimes we spill a little food on our shirts. Earth Breeze works fine for removing the smells and dirt that get on our clothes in day-to-day life. But we haven’t tested it on tough stains. 

How Fresh Does Unscented Earth Breeze Smell?

Because some of my family has sensitive skin, we tried unscented Earth Breeze first. It cleaned away the bad smells, and our clothes picked up a fresh light scent from our dryer sheets. The freshness did not last all week. By day 3, my clothes didn’t smell “bad,” but they didn’t smell freshly washed either.

I look forward to learning how I can add a fresh scent to the dryer after I use up our existing dryer sheets. Some people put a few drops of essential oil in dryer balls. I will have to do some research on which oils offer the best combination of fresh smell and safety. (You wouldn’t want to cause skin irritation or choose an oil that burns with the heat of your dryer.)  

How Fresh Does Fresh Scent Earth Breeze Smell?

After two weeks with Unscented Earth Breeze, I tried Fresh Scent. From the package, they smelled pleasant and not overpowering. 

A fresh light scent lingered as I transferred laundry from the washer to the dryer.

After drying, only some items held on to the light scent of Fresh Scent Earth Breeze. 

Does Earth Breeze Really Have 60 Loads Per Box?

The people I purchased my house from did small-medium loads of laundry on a daily basis. They absolutely would have gotten 60 loads from a single pack of Earth Breeze.

Heavily soiled and extra large loads take two sheets and will only get 30 washes per box.

I wait until I have enough dirty laundry to make a full load. I am usually fine with one sheet, but every now and then, I throw in two. I expect to get 45-50 loads per package. 

How Much Does Earth Breeze Cost Compare To Regular Detergent?

Prices updated December 19, 2022. I am pleasantly surprised by how well Earth Breeze compares in price when I take the time to compare package directions! 

Smaller Purchases for Small Loads, Following Package Directions

Earth Breeze ~ 40 cents/sheet = 40 cents/ large load:
30 sheets $12 with Subscribe & Save.
$20 without subscribe & Save. About 67 cents per sheet.
Directions: 1 sheet per large load.

Gain Flings ~ 27 cents/fling = 54 cents/ large load*:
60 flings $15.94. 
Directions: 2 flings per large load. These are so strong I only use one. 

Tide Liquid ~ 20 cents/load = 43 cents/ large load*:
92 fl oz $12.92
Directions: Fill to line 3 for large loads. I read that this is 2 fl oz. 
In practice, I don’t know many people who take the time to correctly measure liquid detergent.  

Purchased In Bulk, Large Load Following Package Directions

Earth Breeze ~ 33 cents/sheet = 33 cents/ large load
360 sheets $119.
Directions: 1 sheet per large load.

Gain Flings ~ 20 cents/fling = 40 cents/ large load* 
152 flings $29.88 … 17 cents/fling on sale.
Directions: 2 flings per large load. These are so strong I only use one. 

Tide Liquid ~ 18 cents/”load” = 26 cents/ large load*
150 fl oz $19.98 … 15 cents/”load” on sale.
Directions: Fill to line 3 for large loads. I read that this is 2 fl oz. 
This is the clear winner in price! But giant jugs of liquid take up a lot of space and can be awkward to use.   

Official Thoughts on EarthBreeze Laundry Sheets compared out our usual detergents

So far, Earth Breeze detergent sheets have done a good job at cleaning our clothes without irritating sensitive skin! They take up little space on the shelf and are easy to get into when my arthritis flares up. 

I will keep a small pouch of gain flings on hand for those items that need an extra burst of fresh scent. I want to ensure our rarely used extra towels and blankets smell fresh when we need them. And I like to ensure seasonal items are clean, dry, and fresh smelling before storing.

I will also keep a small bottle of Tide for visitors who strongly prefer it. But I will encourage them to give EarthBreeze a try. In fact, I may order extra to give out as gifts to friends and family who have shown an interest!

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