Half a star because I really want to like bananas.

This is me, Little Rose. I love life and almost everything about it! Except for bananas. 

I tried really hard. Just ask The Mommy. I tried my bananas from a bowl. I tried bananas from The Mommy’s plate. I tried bananas dragged through the dirt. I tried the banana that Leah dropped. I even tried bananas squished into the couch! I tried hard. I really did. But today, May 8, 2023, I finally admit defeat. I, Little Rose, cannot like a banana.

 5-Stars for Bananas! They are delicious.

I have to disagree with Little Rose on this one. Bananas are good. Bananas are a sweet and squishy source of calories. Delicious on their own, even better when picked out of a fruit salad!

Speaking of fruit salad, I was thinking maybe we should put a ban on oranges. Who’s with me?

Little Rose really has tried to like bananas. Many times. Even now, three months after admitting defeat, she still has to have a little taste when she sees me and Leah splitting one. Just in case we found a good one. 

Dear Leah, 

Your request to ban oranges has been rejected. But if you ask nicely maybe I will make you a fruit salad for your birthday. Just bananas and strawberries. How does that sound?

Don’t forget the blueberries! And some blackberries if they aren’t too sour. 

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Rose's hobbies include hyperness, destruction, and being too adorable to get in trouble for it. She conquers almost every challenge that comes her way! Except bananas. Try as she might, she cannot like a banana.

Sweet little puppy at heart.

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