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“The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.” – Oscar Wilde

“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” – Joseph Brodsky

“We live for books.” – Umberto Eco

I can quote endless writers, but I want to begin by saying that the world without books would not be worth living.

Hi, this is Isha Aggarwal and as you would have guessed by now, I have a disorder (to say the least). I am a book hoarder, lover, reader and I can’t survive without reading. Books open a new realm for me, a world of possibilities, its the most potent means to traverse the defined boundaries, the set limits.

For me, reading is not just a passion; it is a portal to travel to other universes. I read to make sense of reality and sometimes to escape it. I read fervently, feverishly, almost like a fanatic at times to keep the world at bay. I long to read, everything I can get my hands on, to devour more and more lives, to gobble more magical worlds, to have endless adventures with make-belief characters.

I read every book I can get my hands on, although I love if its Indian Literature (be it a classic or contemporary) or thrillers.

Started as a book blog, I decided to diversify it further by sharing some of my thoughts about the movies and documentaries I watch. May be some day I add more random musings. Till then, its about books and the documentaries I love.

This blog is my way to contribute in a small way to the community of book lovers and to learn everything through the lens of camera.

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