As review by
Doggy Leah

2 Star Taste: Dangerous but addictive

4.5 Star Smell: So interesting to sniff

3 Star Texture: Mostly squishy, but watch for sharps

1 Star Sound: Hisses are sheer terror!

Dangerous Neighbor Cat!

I mean, he's my neighbor. I got his back in a fight. But have you ever met a CAT! He scratches you for bomping his tummy. He scratches you for tasting his whiskers. He even scratches you for sniffing his tail.

Sometimes he is fun to watch. And sometimes he naps with me. But usually, he is just a cat.


  • Smells, so many smells!
  • Pure adrenalin rushes!
  • Can open food bags
  • Makes interesting smells in the litter box


  • Hogs the doggy bed
  • Hogs the Mommy
  • Hogs the cat food
  • Hoggy hoggy hog!
  • Disturbs my slumber with tail sucking sounds
  • Mommy says he’s “such a sweet little baby.”

Neighbor Cat

Rebuttal from Neighbor Cat

Keep your lickety tongue and your bompety nose to yourself!

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