Book Review: Predator Horn Ok Please by Kartik Iyengar

‘Everyone seems nice online, one cannot tell,

Choose what you want, a life in heaven or a living hell!

The Predator is on the loose, respect your privacy,

For many dangers lurk online, you don’t see what you must see;’


‘The Internet is on fire with mobile, watch your children right from birth,

It’s the vehicle of pure evil as the Predator walks on earth,’


In the age of internet where physical distance no longer hampers connectivity, where virtual reality has almost overtaken a personal touch, where dark net has ensured anonymity to the predators and evil roams freely in shadows to hunt for its preys, Predator Horn Ok Please raises a very relevant issue that demands immediate attention.

Combining the elements of cyber-crime thriller and classical crime fiction, the author has managed to conjure the evil that hides in the shadows ready to nab the naïve and innocent women unaware of its presence and in turn, narrated a chilling, cold and petrifying story that is bound to give goose bumps to the readers.

Shocking and unsettling, the novel begins with a twisted and horrifying rhyme that provides a glimpse into the psyche of the Predator and foreshadows the sinister and menacing story that is about to follow. Commencing with the abduction of the young woman who ‘…had no idea of what happened until she had woken up naked, gagged and bound in a dark, dingy den…She wished she had never sipped the wine. It had never occurred to her that she could be the Predator. She wished she had never gone online…

A cautionary tale; Predator Horn Ok Please takes a long and detailed look into the dark side of the virtual world. Predator Horn Ok Please narrates a story of a small town that has been shocked by the brutal and horrifying murder of a young woman who was ‘Gang-raped and brutalized for days by savages…’ and by the mysterious disappearance of another young man who might meet the same fate until someone stops the devil which according to the urban legend hits the town once in every six years. Fighting a race against time is Inspector Khan, who is relentless and determined to catch the killer and save the young girl who does not have much time. Simultaneously chronicled is the story of a wine baron who considers himself as an alpha male and whose only ambition is to win the Indian Wine Competition.

Gripping from the start, Predator Horn Ok Please is not a whodunit in the traditional sense as the reader gets a fair sense of who might be behind the abduction and killings since the beginning, but more of a warning regarding the faceless demons whose modus operandi have changed, but intentions have remained the same, ‘…After all, predators didn’t need windows or doors to encroach into private spaces and bedrooms of the young and vulnerable. They had no qualms about satiating their sexual appetites and psychotic needs; they hunted like arachnids on the worldwide web using the innumerable social networking sites…Nobody is really alone now, privacy being a thing of the past; we all live in glass houses now. People were oblivious to the strategically positioned hidden cameras in girls’ changing rooms, hotel rooms and toilets, and allowed predators to jerk off and jizz all over them. They picked their victims and knew exactly who, how and when to strike because these kids were naïve and gullible, and were completely clueless about the baser basic instincts of man.’

Begun as a riveting and sensational tale, the plot of Predator Horn Ok Please begins to fall apart towards the end. To give twisted, psychological and a bit of the Mansonian family edge, the author loses grip over the characters and the tightly knitted plot so much so that the final twist in the tale proves to be unfitting and clumsy and a little stretched.

In spite of the weak and slack ending of the otherwise thrilling and engaging book, Predator Horn Ok Please is a gratifying read and the author has extensively researched on the subject to weave ‘…a gory tale of megalomania and obsession…’ which is not just dark and startling, but also cautionary and provides an insight into the psyche of the monsters and predators who roam the internet freely and hunt safely in the shadows of the virtual world.

Title: Predator Horn Ok Please

Author: Kartik Iyengar

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers India

Pages: 264 pages

Genre: Crime Fiction

Rating: 4/5

Buy it from: Amazon Flipkart

About the Author

Kartik Iyengar, besides being a successful corporate professional and an ardent social media digerati, is also a seasoned globetrotter who believes in the spirit of ‘my way and the highway’. Committed to the cause of promoting online awareness, he aspires to be a change agent in creating a better world for the Millennials.

7 thoughts on “Book Review: Predator Horn Ok Please by Kartik Iyengar

  1. A sincere note of gratitude for buying and reading the book. Thank you for the review and hope you liked it. If we can make the world better, we should. Urge you to review other 9 books (Author Page on Amazon) and here’s to your most insightful review that makes me want to write better. Once again, thank you 👍🏻

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  2. I’ve still not read his first book. Or the first one I have. I’ll finish that and get to this. I do hope the ending doesn’t ruin it too much for me.


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